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One apartment villa  suitable for family’s recreation. On the ground floor you will find a cozy living room with a fire place, TV, kitchen with fully integrated kitchen appliances, necessary crockery, WC, shower,  towels, aromatic shower cosmetics.

On the first floor there are two separate bedrooms with large double beds and pull-out chairbeds, TV, large balcony.

On the large terrace with woven soft furniture you will be able to enjoy your morning coffee. This villa has a separate indoor yard with outdoor fire place. The villa is next to the pool!

Villa has:
Cozy living room with a fireplace;
2 separate bedrooms with large double beds;
Pull-out chairbeds for sleeping;
Kitchen with fully integrated equipment;
All necessary crockery;

Bathroom with:
Aromatic shower cosmetics.

State of the art conditioning system on the first floor;
Large balcony;
Large terrace with woven soft furniture;
Separate yard with outdoor fireplace;
Car park next to the villa;.
Separate lawn surrounding villa and territory in the forest where you can spend your time;
Villa stands next to the pool!